Universal Ajax Live Search 2.5 - The one with Suggestions

Universal Ajax Live Search is one of our most wanted products. After a brainstorming a new, cool feature was added, some major and minor bugs were fixed.

So, what's new in Universal AJAX Live Search 2.5?

Do you know that cool google feature, where you misspell something, and google corrects you? Well, from now on the Universal Ajax live search can do it too.

Autocorrect in action

Universal AJAX live search suggestion

More information

  • After clicking on a suggestion, the module will automatically search for the selected keyword, if no results found it will suggest other keywords.
  • The keywords are suggested from google itself.
  • There is no limit at suggestion queries.
  • If no suggestions are found, the search will simply return no results.

Troubleshooting and Faq

I have installed/updated the module, but no sign of the new feature!
First of all, check if the suggestions are enabled on the module settings page. If it's enabled, then the fopen url wrapper may be disabled on your server. Try to set the "Use Curl" setting to yes on the module settings page.
Still nothing. How do I enable the fopen url wrapper?
You should contact the server administrator, he may do it for you. If you own the server, you can do it by yourself:
  • Open the php.ini file.
  • Search for allow_url_fopen = Off
  • Modify that line to: allow_url_fopen = On
  • Restart the server, and it should be Ok.


Keypress Delay
After reaching the minimum character limit, the search was automatically sending xhr requests after each keypress. This could cause high server loads, so a delay option was added, wich is now set to 500ms. It means, that after each keypress the script waits 0.5 seconds before it starts to search and if no keypress arrives in that time, the search starts.

New settings on backend

The suggestions settings page

The new Backend

I want this NOW!

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