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From time to time we are revising your requests and feature ideas about our extensions. Fortunately we got many from you and we really appreciate them, because we would like to exactly develop new things, what you need. Now we will introduce a brand new feature for the Vertical Menu which is a quite awaited one, and will boost up your current template.

If you would like to describe this new thing we should say that is an expansion for the sidebar mode. The menu bar appear on the left or right side of your screen without blackout, while you can do anything on your site, like fill up forms, open tabs or scroll down, the menu will be always there in opened state until you close it.

So the sidebar mode is now smarter than ever, while we didn't place many new parameters into the module manager, moreover they are a bit more clear now. Let's see what has changed under the hood:

Auto open parameter

In this new version you are now able to switch off the opening animation of the sidebar or overlay menu. So when your site loaded the sidebar menu is already there, as it is the part of the template.

You don't have to worry about the responsiveness of your template, because the Vertical Menu can handle your site's styles, and make them fluidly work together.

Burger icon settings

Now you can set rounded lines for the burger icon, and you can also set the line-width from ultra-thin to bold. That is also possible now to hide the button, which was also a quite frequent question in the support tickets. We already had a solution for that in the Custom CSS parameter, but now we have place it as a switchable option.

Available burger icon styles
Unlimited variations

By combined the auto open parameter with hiding the burger icon, you can create a sidebar menu to your site, which is always there, as it was always the part of your site.

Before you go...

On the following example you can see how different burger icons can be possible with the different settings:

Sample icons
Sample burger icons

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Thanks for the updates,

Fernando Sánchez Olivera
Friday, 12 May 2017

10 estrellas para este módulo!!!!!!!

Menus fully adaptable to Virtuemart and Joomla content, multitude of options to configure and totally perfect adaptability in responsive, this is PRO

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