Vertical Menu - the multi-purpose menu solution

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After many-many hours of development, brainstormings, discussions and millions of typed characters, we announce our new extension, the Vertical Menu. We built all of our knowledge, experience, the most recent technologies, and what we learnt about your feedbacks to create a smart, all-in-one menu solution for your site.

Everything what you can image is possible

Vertical Menu easily fits to all templates and looks amazing on any device. It provides the best performance that you have ever seen, with the well-optimized codebase. In the following you can read why Vertical Menu is a multi-purpose extension. It has 4 different navigation types:

Slide menu
Drop-down menu
Tree menu
Expanded menu

click on the menus for larger size

And each types can be shown in 4 different menu positioning:

Module position
Left Sidebar
Right Sidebar
Menu positioning
Menu positioning

While it supports 8 different menu content types:

Joomla menus
Joomla articles & categories

But there is more, because we not just created a fantastic all-in-one navigation tool, we offer something really new. If you have lots of menu items the powerful built-in filter feature would be the right tool for you, because you only need to type a part of the menu item's title or description, and most relevant results will appear in a list below. That is a killer-feature against any other menu solutions on the market. Just type a few characters, then the matched results will appear immediately, and you don't need to browse through the whole menu structure. This will rise the Vertical Menu above all.

Color Schemes
Color schemes

We have also created an interactive demo site for the Vertical Menu to let you try it out in action. All of the navigation and positioning type can be found there, as well as the predefined animations. We have tried to show how flexible this extension by introduce it in different environments and ways of use. You can check the demo site here:

Additional feature list

2 Themes: Flat, Clean
14 SideBar animations
6 predefined sublevel animations
Animated parallax background
GPU accelerated and 3D animations
SEO optimized
Easy to Customize
Conditional backend parameters

It arrives with real background-assistance

If you have any doubt during the configuration you just need to hover your mouse over the parameter's name, and a tooltip will appear to guide you. If it is not enough, that couldn't be a problem for Vertical Menu. Because with this extension our new Documentation site has arrived. Currently only this extension is available there, but in the future it will extended to all of our products. Of course if you will have a bigger issue, our kind support team is always ready to help you, and glad if could solve the issues within minutes. You can check the new documentation site here: Offlajn documentation site.

Offlajn docs
Offlajn Docs

Few words about us, plans

We really hope that with this new extension we have really created something very useful, yet powerful, and you will be satisfied with that, as we have many working hours behind us. We also hope that you can see that we have shifted to a higher gear, and we are more enthusiastic than ever. So we would like to keep the level as high as possible of the quality what we provide in the last few years. We follow customer centric policy from the beginning, but in the future we would like to put more focus on that, and really create things that you need in a professional level. So if you are near us, or just during your travel come to visit us and have a cup of coffee, and we will tell you our future plans and vision about Offlajn. Or if you would like, just simply contact us via email, because we count on your opinion! So now let's start write of that message, while I'm sitting in the office and keep pressing the refresh button of my mailbox. Cheers.

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