Flat Theme has been released for Live Search

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When we designed the new Flat Theme, we would like to give some clearness and purity to the client's sites while optimizing the loading speed of every single search. We tried to see the world via the users' eye to can develop what they really need.

About FLAT

Probably the word Flat are a bit familiar, because this is the most common design-trend nowadays, and more and more articles and posts appear around this topic. If you would like to get a short description of this, it probably sounds like: Simple colors, and edges, or Let's make your website more user-friendly, and more clean. The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest design and finest animations, ever!

Flat Theme for Live Search
Flat Theme for Live Search

New features

When we started designing this theme, we tried to think out of the box. Of course we would like to keep the original functionality but also give additional features especially to your needs. Of course the many functionality is worthless, if the settings are so complicated, or hard-to-understand. So we also take many effort to build the admin panel of this new theme clear, and user-friendly. The new features are the following.

  • Design Depending Layouts

    You can set how many results would you like to show in different screen sizes from smartphones to full desktop sizes.

  • Additional informations of the results

    With our improved plugins, you can show e.g. prices in case of webshops. The search plugin's titles can also appear within the results, so your users now easily can identify where the results come from.

  • Brand new skins and animations

    Newly developed, and improved animations available in the Flat Theme, with many predefined skins makes this module ready for professional users, and easily fit to your templates.

Check the Demo Site

On the demo site, we introduce the new theme with 2 different topic. One for wintersports with ski-tracks and a shop for the winter stuffs, and one social site, with famous people. The Live Search with this theme is now purchasable from our site with the same price before.

You can check the demo here...

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Miroslav Dimitrov
Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What is this message -

For using the Flat theme you should enable the "AJAX Live Search results" module or insert this code into your template: /div

Jenő Kovács
Wednesday, 14 October 2015

For the Flat and Minimal Theme you need to also publish the Result Module for the Live Search results. Here you can learn more about that:


Hope this helps, have a nice day!

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