New Joomla stable release arrived!

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Just a few hours ago the Joomla Team announced the brand new version of the popular CMS, 3.2.0 stable. This version is something new, what you can feel in many different ways. Let's see what does it mean. And the most important, that all of our extension support it from the zero hour. Learn more about it...

First of all, as always it contains many bugfixes, and security updates. But you can feel, that there is more in the air. This new Joomla version also try to continue the new path, what the 3.0 version start, and the 3.1 release kept. These versions contains a very new approach, a totally re-thinked system for the future. This is good for the developers and the users at the same time. But what is under the hood? Check it below:

Joomla 3.2

Some features

Of course you can read the official description of it on, but we would like to higlight some of them:

  • TinyMCE 4.0.8 Update - update for the most common text editor.
  • Front-end Site Configuration - this is a brand new feature for easier administrating.
  • Removed Mootools dependencies - to keep your site fast, and avoid JS conflicts
  • New basic template for frontend and backend - responsivity in focus
  • And much more

What about the compatibility?

As you can read in the intro, we proudly present that all of our product are compatible with the new version. It is important for us to can give the latest technologies to our customers in the latest environments.

With a developer eye...

Joomla 3.2 contains much more possibility to create new features in the point of view of a developer. With the brand new documentation site, the simplified admin panel and available core methods help us to can create much more features, to keep the user satisfaction in a high level.

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