Summarize of March - News and Updates

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We have been in busy working in the last month, so that's why you haven't heard from us. Some of our current project has been ended, and would like to proudly announce them to you. Read more to get know the additional details.

Changes in the Business Model

According to our customers's responses, we rethink our entire business model, to can give you more services in lower prices. Based on your habits, we have created 3 pricing plans:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Business


All of the pricing plans suitable for different purposes. The personal license is good, if you would like to get support for one site. This is also good for low-budget projects. In this case you get a 3 months subscription, during you can download the latest version, and ask for support. When your subscription expires, you will get a 10% discount in case of renew.


As the title says, this package is suitable for professional users, like freelancers. You can get support for the extension up to 5 sites, and get a 6 months long subscription while you can access the latest versions and open support tickets. With this package you get 20% renewal discount, when your subscription ends.


This plan is really designed for web-developers, and business users who would like to use the purchased extension in their projects. The site number is UNLIMITED with this package, and of course contains lifetime updates and support.

Note that the original price also contains a discount by comparison in our old prices. You can also upgrade your purchase-plan at any time. In this case, please contact us via our support systems. If you have any questions with the new business model, you can find FAQ sections on each product page.

Updates of the Extensions

Of course the developers didn't stop when finished the new business model coding and testing. Our existing extensions also got new features, what you can find below:

Universal AJAX Live Search

The most important feature of March was definitely the introducing the new Flat Theme of the Live Search. We have also created 2 demo sites for the new theme, what you can find here: Social Demo Site and WinterSport Demo Site. The new features can be found below:

  • Brand new responsive Flat Theme within many predefined skins
  • Improved category chooser within Live Filtering for the results
  • Definable layouts for different screen sizes
  • Show Prices for the results from your webshop
  • 30+ Improved Search Plugins
  • Blurred Images
Flat Theme for Live Search
Flat Theme for Live Search

Improved AJAX Login & Register

The Login also got some improvements, and bugfixes. Balint, the developer of this extension, is so busy in the last month, but you will get informed about his project later, so it worth to stay tuned. Here are a little list of the improvements of Login:

  • Facebook tutorial was updated (for the changed FB dev page)
  • 3 columns layout added for the registration form
  • Some bugfixes, and speed improvements

P.S. (I love Offlajn)

We hope that with our brand new Business Model you will be more satisfied with our services. Visit our site frequently, because we will also offer coupon codes for more discounted prices.

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