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We are presenting a new feature in SmartSlider. If you want to embed contents in your slider from another urls, your time has come!

With this new content template, called Iframe you can embed external sites by url, or contents from your site, contact forms, and .... you know: the sky's the limit. Let me show how its work:

Smartslider iframe button

How to set up?

Go to your administrator area, select Smartslider, and add a new slide on an existing slider, or modify a previous one. Then select the Iframe button on the content tab. The only thing you have to do is paste the url of the selected site, and press save button. This is so simple, isn't it.

Another way of use

If you want to insert a menu-item output into the slider, for example a single article. So go to your menu manager, select a menu-item, click on it, and copy the link if the item, as you can see the image below. Then paste this url to the iframe url in your slide manager. Note that you maybe paste the domain of your site before the link.
So here's an example: If you set it, you will see that the full page appeared in the slider. If you want to show only the article just write &tmpl=component after the link.
Just like this: That's all! If you want to get this feature, just download the latest version in your download area.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2024