Smart Insert feature added to Smart Slider

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We proudly present the new Smart Insert feature, which will allow you to include dynamic contents to your slides easily. This new feature is included in the Smart Slider package from version 1.2, so feel free to download the upgrade package from your download area and install it on your site.

What you will get with Smart Insert feature?

You will be able to include dynamic elements from your site. Eg.: articles, products etc...
We have to divide this feature into two parts. Smart insert and Special insert.

Smart Insert

Under Smart insert you can find easily accessible database fields. Here is the list of the currently supported database fields:

  • Id
  • Title
  • Intro text
  • Id
  • Email
  • User name
  • Product id
  • Product sku
  • Product name
  • Product short description
  • Product description

Under Special insert you can find more advanced fields (eg.: product prices, link generations, etc..). Here is the list of the currently supported special fields:

  • Author name of an article
  • Product price

Please make requests on our support page for other fields and we will include that newly requested fields(it can be from other components too) and I will update the list in this blogpost too. Thank you that you help making the Smart slider better!

Some word about the working

You can reach this feature from the Live preview toolbox:

Smart Insert

When you have selected the right thing what you would like to show in the slider, the insert and the replace buttons will appear next to the fields. Click on where you would like to place and that's it. In the Live Preview you will see the result, the text field will show you only an identifier, which guarantees the dynamic content.

Smart insert for Smart Slider

Future of this feature

In the following weeks you can expect more fields to show and a connecting feature, which will allow you to easily create dynamic sliders from contents, categories, Virtuemart products, image folders and much more...

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You guy's have some really great work with solid design behind it. I just wish there was more stuff.

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