Smart Slider "Tabber" feature added

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Some weeks ago Adam suggested that it would be good to create dynamic sliders inside of a RedShop flypage. He would like to replace the NoNumber! Tabber extension something more shiny and he thought that it could be the Smart Slider.

Here you can check how the Tabber extension works. You can define tabs using a special markup and then it will be converted to a workings tabber. This is what you can do with the Smart Slider too.

First, you will need to install a plugin, which will generate the Sliders inside your page.
[Here you can download the plugin for free]
The Smart Slider version 1.1.6 or higher must be installed to work properly and make sure that the plugin is enabled!

After that, you will need to create a slider with the Smart Slider, but you won't need to make any slides. Just a simple slider without any slides will be fine. When it is created, it will get an id which you will see in the last column of the "Slider Manager". Note that, in my case it will be 9.

Now you will be able to place a slider anywhere by code. The syntax is the following:

Now you will have a simple slider, which doesn't use the full power of the Smart Slider. Of course you want fully customized slides, so in the following lines I will show you how can you add captions and contents. The steps:

  • Create a new slide for the slider, don't save it, just be in the "Add Slide" page
  • On this page make your customizations in content editor (Choose a template and add the fields what you need)
  • Then hit the "edit as HTML" button and copy that code over your slide inside the {content}Copy here{/content} tags.
  • Follow the last 2 steps with the caption too. Just place the captions inside the {caption}Copy here{/caption} tags
  • Repeat the last 3 step for each slides what you need and your result will look like this:

Also if you would like to create subslides for the Accordion type sliders you can use the following syntax:

I hope you will find this feature useful. Thank you Adam for the idea!

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