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Today the Smart Slider version 1.1.3 has released, which contains some bugfixes and a new advanced feature to control the sliders. In this blog article I will show how can you use easily this new possibility. You can get the updated installer from the download area

First of all you can test this feature on our Smart Slider demo site - Rio slider. There are some links, click on it and you will see how can you control the slider.

There is an another way to control the slider if you would like to link the slider specific slides. This link will show you how to control the slider within only a link. The slider will automatically go to the 2nd slide and the 2nd subslide.

How it works

Firstly we have to get the module id for the specific slider which we would like to control.

  • Go to the backend/Extensions/Module manager
  • In the table find the proper row for the slider and the ID will be the last column.
Smart Slider Goto feature tutorial
How to find the module ID

In my case it is 118. I will use this number through the tutorial.

If you want to control from the same page (example is the second paragraph in this tutorial)
You will need to create a html element with onclick option. In the onclick use the following code: return slider118.gotoSlide(2,2);

It will auto scroll to the 2/2 slide.
If you want to control from a different page (example is the third paragraph in this tutorial)
I assume that you have a link to your page, which contains the slider. In my example it is

Now we will append #slider118/2/2 to the url and this is it. You can try out:

It will auto scroll to the 2/2 slide.

Thank you for Toufic who suggested this feature.

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