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Probably you are now a very happy LayerSlider 6 user, and couldn't imagine how could you live without that powerful tool before. To keep your enthusiasm, we have just added some more additional features for you in v6.3. As we told you before, we are keep pushing it, so it is worth to check back recently, and keep your subscription valid :)

Revolutionary feature -> Revisions

Have a peace of mind knowing that your slider edits are always safe and you can revert back unwanted changes or faulty saves at any time. This feature serves not just as a backup solution, but a complete version control system where you can visually compare the changes you have made along the way.

Introducing Blend modes

Blend modes are an easy way to add eye-catching effects and is one of the most frequently used features in graphic and print design.

Blend mode in LayerSlider 6
LayerSlider 6 - Blend mode

Origami slide transitions

Origami is a special form of 3D transition and it works in the same way as regular slide transitions do in all the modern browsers. Keep in mind that in the future we are planning to have more extra transition forms.

LayerSlider 6 - Origami slide transition
LayerSlider 6 - Origami slide transition

Security improvements/Speed optimization

We are happy that many of the existing users have updated to version 6, so we had the opportunity to test the LayerSlider 6 in many aspects, and discover what you really need. Thanks all of you to help us to make the LayerSlider better and better! Cheers.

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vitor pinheiro
Wednesday, 26 April 2017

the bestttttttt :):):)

Fernando Sánchez Olivera
Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Do not get tired of saying it, an extremely necessary and essential component to make professional animated banners on your website :):):):)

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