Two-factor authentication is now supported!

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This feature got a great success when it comes with Joomla 3.2, and more and more of the Joomla admins enable it on their sites. For now 2 methods are available, the Google Authenticator, and the YubiKey. Improved AJAX Login also supports this type of authentication to help you to keep your sites in safe. Read more to know this feature!

What all of this about?

As it was mentioned, now 2 methods are supported by Joomla, but this number could be more. The implementations are different, google's one needs an app to your smartphone, YubiKey is working with a hardware, need to press a button in the dedicated USB key, to get the secret code. Both of the methods are totally safe, and you can choose both of them.

How can it enabled?

You can enable this feature in the plugin manager. There are 2 plugins, for the 2 methods, and got a dedicated group in the plugin manager, called twofactorauth. Just enable the selected plugin, and the users will be able to add their secret codes in their profile page. After that, they can be login to your site only if they filled up the secret code input field too.

How to use with Improved Login

Two-factor authentication is now supported with the Improved AJAX Login. You don't need any special settings, when you published the required plugin for this method, it will automatically show the secret code field in the login form, just download and reinstall the latest version from your download area.

Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication with Improved Login

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