Geolocation and New Demo Site for Improved Login!

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We always would like to bring the cutting edge technology to our customers. That's why we spending many hours with brainstorming then develop the new ideas with a fancy design. Now Geolocation is the new feature, what introducing in the new version. The Improved Login also get a new demo site, so check the details!

About Geolocation

Probably you have already met this feature somewhere. You need to add your address in a form, or set your home location, and a prompt window come up, and ask you to allow your location with the current website. This feature can be very useful, and make a form-filling faster, and you don't have to worry, because you will asked all the time, your location will be always in safe. You can try it in the new demo site of Improved Login, by clicking on the Webshop Oriented demo.

Webshop oriented
Webshop Oriented Demo

Under the hood

This technology has a bit different working method depends on you are browsing from a mobile device or a desktop computer. In case of PCs, it can only use your IP address to locate you, but from mobile phones or tablets, what has also GPS chips, and use the mobile network to locate you the result will be more exact.

About the using

The Login will automatically detect that you have placed any location field to your registration form what are the followings:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Postal/ZIP code
  • Address 1
  • Address 2

And any of these fields used the prompt message will appear, and ask the user to allow the geolocation. After it was allowed, the fields will be filled up automatically.

Webshop oriented form
Webshop Oriented Form

About the new demo site

The new Demo site for the Improved AJAX Login & Register was released. It shows the many new features, and worth a visit! Check it here: New demo site.

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