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Nowadays the computing-performance of the PCs, tablets or smartphones is much more, than we could imagine 5 years ago. This not only mean that the speed of loading an application or a website is faster than ever, it brings many more functions, what can turn the trends of the way of using these devices. Artificial Intelligence (Ai) or Speech-driven handling are also resource-intensive methods, but these modern mobile-devices can cope with it.

About the Speech Recognition and how does it related to Live Search

Speech recognition is also a kind of using AI. There are several solution for that, based on many voice patterns what depends on people's age, location, language and accents. The general rule of course is valid in this case: more patterns will be much more exact matches, but this means more pattern-matching what can cause hot moments for CPUs or GPUs. As a result of many developing speech-recognition is incredibly fast, just try to google on something with Google Chrome. You will see a little microphone icon in the search area. When you click on it a Speak Now! text is appear, and it will try to turn your speech to characters.

Google in Chrome
Google voice search in Chrome

The one negative thing that this functionality is only available in Google Chrome right now. We hope that the other browsers will support it, but while we are waiting for this, we built this feature in to the Universal Ajax Live Search. Yes, speech-based search for Live Search!

Why is it useful, what will be the next?

We think that most of the customers know, that hand-free communication with the devices is very useful in lots of cases in the life, such as during driving, working. For example you can give command for the car radio to decrease the volume, without lift up your hands from the steering-wheel. It is more safety, and admit it, it's awesome! With the speech-recognition search is also can make your life easier. It can helps to avoid the mistypes when try to search on a webshop, and also saves your time!
This feature is a kind of experimental, but if a standard solution will be available for the browsers, of course we will check it, and build it into the UALS immediately. We also would like to show you, that we use and develop always with the latest technology, to give the best performance, and professional extensions!

Check it now!

This feature is available in the latest release, and also you can try it on the demo site: Live Search Demo Site. Just click on the little microphone icon, and if you will see the Speak Now! text, just try to say any keywords instead of typing in it. Note that on the demo site English keywords will work. Hope you like it!

Live Search with Voice Search
Live Search with voice search in Google Chrome

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