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From time-to-time more and more features will be implemented into our extensions. This not only means that the developers just put the new feature and its settings to new lines, we also keep the usability as the main purpose, and logically built-in the new functionality. Nevertheless the module manager can seem to be complex for the first sight, so we decided to make fully detailed articles about all of the features.

The documentation can helps also before and after the purchase. If you are curious that how the backend looks like, or is a functionality included, it can be useful. Or if you would like to know, that what can set with a parameter can be good in hand.

What extensions for the documentation available so far?

Actually the documentation is available for the following extensions:

  • Improved AJAX Login and Register
  • Universal AJAX Live Search
  • Vertical Dropmenu
  • More coming soon...

Where can it found?

You can found the Documentation in the main horizontal menu at Or simple just click here: Documentation


We hope that you will like it, and learn more about our extensions, and bring more performance from them. Don't forget, we always would like to reach that you will be satisfied.

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