Responsive feature for Vertical Dropmenu has arrived!

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Visiting websites from mobile devices or from tablets will be more and more popular nowadays. So responsive templates and websites become significant. It means that the size of the website fits to your current device screen regardless of the resolution from WVGA to Full HD or greater. If you have a responsive template is a good first step, but what about the 3rd party extensions?

We know that there is a large amount of customers, who would like to use responsive modules on their site. As I mentioned, templates can handle it for a certain level, but if a module hasn't got this feature, it can break the entire template on a smartphone with a smaller display.

How can Vertical Dropmenu handle it?

If you use this product, you know that it shows the levels next to each others. On smaller screens it can't be shown, because of the limited space. So we need to use a little magic for this devices. As you can see on the image below, from a specific screen width to menu will transform to a select box, where the same menu items, will be listed.

How to set up?

Using this new feature is quite simple. You just have to set a screen width, from you would like to show the selectbox, instead of the full menu.

Other improvements

This new version is also contains some CSS optimalization, and some bugfixes for a grater user experience!

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Sunday, 14 April 2024