New Search Plugins has arrived (Content Improved, K2, Cobalt CCK, ZOO, CB) UPDATED!

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We always would like to help the users, that's why we write their feature requests to a list, and use these ideas in new extensions, or when we improve the existing ones. Our free search plugins are very popular, because images can shown by them in the Live Search result list, or simply can use it in standard search because its advanced capabilities.

Just a few words about...

A recent question in the support tickets is how to modify/manipulate the results of the Universal Ajax Live Search. From time to time we need to tell you, that the Live Search use the search plugins to show the result list. That means the results only depends on the search plugins, not the Live Search. This is important, because this extension can't be responsible for filtering the results. But let's step over on it, and check the new improvements!

Content Improved Search Plugin

I have to say that there was many request on this plugin. As you know the standard Joomla! content search plugin is responsible to show articles. Many of the customers would like to use a filter in the results, don't want to show some articles, or an entire category. Now it is possible with this plugin, just install it on Joomla 2.5 or higher and enjoy the fantastic category selector, or write the ids of the articles separated by commas. One new feature that you can select whether exclude or include categories and articles. Note that in case of include the search will only shows result from the included categories/articles. Check the image below, or download it from here: Content Improved Search Plugin

Content Improved Search Plugin
Content Improved Search Plugin Settings

K2 Improved Search Plugin

The category and item exclusion is also an important thing in case of using the K2 component. So these features are available in the new version of this plugin for Joomla 2.5 and higher. Download it from here: Content Improved Search Plugin

Cobalt CCK Improved Search Plugin

The Cobalt CCK is a well-developed CCK system for Joomla and more and more people choose it. So we developed an improved plugin for this extension, and we hope that many customers will be satisfied with it, because it can extend the Cobalt functionalities easily. Downloadable from here: Cobalt CCK Improved Search Plugin


We have published 2 new more improved plugins based on the original ones to can show images next to the result-items for the popular ZOO and Community Builder components. Read more below:


ZOO component is a well-know one in the Joomla World. So it is necessary to has an improved plugin for this here: ZOO Improved Search Plugin

Community Builder (CB)

CB is the facebook for Joomla! It has many features, and this component totally built-into the Joomla user manager. Download the Improved Search plugin, and show the avatar images: CB Improved Search Plugin

Closing words

This plugins can be useful, when you have purchased the Live Search, because can show the images. But also can be useful for standard search method, because of the extended functionality.

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