LayerSlider v6.4 has arrived!

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We would like to share you some very exciting news for the weekend, because a new version of the LayerSlider has released. Below you will see what features and changes have we made. So no more words, let's check it!

New translations are available

Thanks to the community we can proudly present 2 new translations for the full backend part of the LayerSlider! So now it is not just in English, but also in French and Hungarian. We really appreciate that, and every respect is yours! Please also keep in mind, that we are opened for any new language, so if you would like to participate to this project, drop us an email, and we can provide you free subscriptions.

Translations for LayerSlider

Global Hover

With this new feature you are able to trigger Hover Transitions of all layers at once when you move your mouse cursor over the slider. On this example you can see how spectacular effect can be made.

Global Hover feature

3 new sliders added

We have also made 3 new sliders which are now importable from the Template Store.

Hover Sliders
Hover Sliders

And many more...

Our team has made a fantastic job again, so here is a list from the additional new features:

  • New Google Fonts subset has been added to cover more laguage-specific characters
  • Start immediately option added for the Play by Scroll. Now it's possible to automatically start playback and only pause sliders at the first keyframe instead of waiting users to scroll down.
  • Added Letter spacing option to layer styles, so now you can change the character density.
  • Another new slider has also released, which introduce the Blend modes. Check it here:


As in the past, we are still keen on your opinions, ideas or experiences, so if you have anything what can make LayerSlider better then don't afraid to write us, and discuss it over a virtual beer. Cheers!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024