LayerSlider v6.5 - Introducing Popup feature

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We are exciting to introduce our new premium feature: Popups – a completely new way of using LayerSlider. It greatly extends its capabilities and what you can build with the extension. Also we have a lot of new fancy features, so it worth to read this blog post.

LayerSlider poup sliders

LayerSlider is a well established product with many years of experience behind it. Combining our strong foundation and the vast number of features we already have with the newly introduced Popup plugin makes LayerSlider one of the best choice among popup extensions. All the features you would use in sliders are also available in Popups as well. This includes our feature rich image & content editor, multilingual popups, dynamic content from Joomla! contents, and of course LayerSlider's animation capabilities.

Target Audience

Schedule Popups to display at a specific date and time. Customize who can see them based on user roles and other factors. You can even target first time visitors. With page level targeting and repeat control you can fine tune when, where and to whom your Popup will appear.

Advanced Features

With many advanced features, we're aiming to also satisfy niche needs. You can access several hidden options to further customize your Popup behavior and appearance. We're also providing other Popup-specific features elsewhere in LayerSlider, like the ability to open/close and control the Popup by Smart links and the LayerSlider API.

It's Free & Well Supported

As always, the Popups feature comes with your LayerSlider license for free, there is no separate purchase or hidden fees. The Template Store now includes a Popups category with a growing number of importable demos. With free updates, we will continuously improve and extend the capabilities of Popups and our excellent customer service provides timely answers if you need assistance.

Font family chooser improvements

Finding the perfect Font family and Font size is easier than ever. Just hover over the list items and quickly see a real-time preview in the Preview Area.

Font chooser

Changes of media layers

  • Autoplaying videos will no longer display the play icon for that brief moment, making background videos and in other cases a perfectly smooth video surface.
  • You now have the option to set the volume of background videos. They are muted by default and there was no way to change that previously.
  • The 'Controls' and 'Show Info' media layer settings now include an 'Auto' option. It is based on the most common use cases and respects settings set by the embed code or HTML attributes.
  • The 'Controls' option for media layers was not working as expected in some cases. For example, you can now enable controls for audio layers as well.
  • Media layers are now properly pause and resume playback (based on your settings) when closing/re-opening a Popup slider.

Additional new features

  • Added new skin: Photo Gallery
  • Added "Change URL hash" advanced option to Slider Settings -> Slideshow.

    Enable it to update the URL hash as you navigate in the slider based on slide deeplinks. This makes it possible to share URLs that will start the slider with the currently visible slide at any given moment.

  • Added "Prefer Blend Mode" advanced option to Slider Settings -> Misc.

    Enable this option to avoid blend mode issues with slide transitions. Due to technical limitations, this will also clip your slide transitions regardless of your settings.

  • Edit in Multiple Selection Mode is here. You can now apply any setting to all selected layers at once.
  • New API method: resetSlide.


  • Greatly enhanced the Global Hover feature introduced in the previous release.
  • The admin UI now uses deeplinking to always open at the same location when you refresh the page.
  • Multi-selecting layers is now also available in the layers list area (below the preview) by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key and clicking on layers.
  • Added range-select support for the layers list area by holding down the Shift key when selecting layers.
  • You can now also multi-select layers in the right click "overlapping layers" menu by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key and clicking on items.
  • Multiple-selection is now easily dismissible just by clicking on the desired layer again.
  • The whole Preview Area has been made much more fluid, changes are now appearing without delay.
  • The Undo Manager now restores layer selection as well.
  • The System Status now checks for database related issues and an Update Database button has been added for fixing potential issues whenever it's possible.

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Bruno Baronet
Thursday, 10 August 2017

WOW! Amazing update of an already amazing product. Keep up the great work.

Kevin Morrison
Saturday, 12 August 2017

I am with Bruno, you guys have out done yourself!

Hue Collins
Sunday, 13 August 2017

Excellent! Thanks for your hard work in making this awesome product even better!!

Olin Spivey
Wednesday, 28 February 2018

This continues to be one of my best investments. Thank you for the continued improvements on an already 5 star product.

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