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Hey Offlajners! Long time we didn't post anything into our blog section of facebook page, so we decided it's time to change it, however on other forums we kept in touch. Now we have some very promising news for you, so stay tuned, it worth!

Were the developers busy in the couple of last month?

Absolutely were, and only live on coffee and use the keyboard as a pillow to make their bests, and trust me, many fascinating new things will arrive shortly. There will be some changes in our communication to you. We would like to make this section of the site and the fanpage more interactive, so more blog entries, and facebook posts will be as well, and would like you to comment on those entries, share your opinions, and even discuss them.

We know that black friday is the current topic of the news, so we decided that would like to say Thank You for all of our customers and followers. So we will give you a coupon code for Black Friday for all of our extensions, and packages. No excludes, everyone will get the discount, who use the Black Friday coupon from 28, Nov to 29, Nov. Get your discount NOW!

Black Friday

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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