Flat theme has just arrived for the Improved Login

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It was in the air for some time, and a leaked picture on facebook also appear, which clearly proves that something happening under the hood. The Improved Login comes with many new features, and looks amazing!

In this post we describe all new features, and summarize what you will get with the new version. If you are not sure to change to this version, just read this article, check the images, and you will amazed with the brand new design and fancy animations. Moreover the code is more lightweight, and the animations are fully optimized to makes your site smooth.


FLAT design means a very fascinating look of the website with fancy colors, and unified structure. This is the new wave, and it will define the next term of WEB. As you can see on the image below, the simplicity meets the perfect match of colors and structure, what make you feel so sophisticated.

Flat login
Improved Login with FLAT Theme

Selecbox in the form manager

The new form field, selectbox is now available what is so easy to create or modify.

Flat selectbox
Flat selectbox


We always use the latest technology for our products. The jQuery framework with graphic-accelarated CSS3 animations make everything so smooth and lightweight at the same time.


Brand new animations is also a significant part of the new theme. All of them are fully optimized, and run smooth on all devices. There are also 3 experimental animations, what are so spectacular.

Google Fonts

More thank 600 font families available. Everybody find the most suitable one for the website. Of course we gathered the most high-end ones to help to easily fit to your needs.


Many more features can be found in the new version. Line icons, real blur effect, 3D animations...and the list is infinite.

Are you ready?

I think the answer is YES, of course so check the demo site here, and make ready for something really new and amazing! Check it here: Demo site.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for the new release of your login extension. I am a customer since a year right now and to be honest, I was not sure anymore, if 25$ for a login component is really worth the money - I was wrong. With 2.0 and first of all your latest release with the flat design and kick-ass animations, you created an outstanding piece of work! I enjoy it so much! Keep up the good work!

I wanted to comment whilst being logged in, but unfortunately this is not possible. So I am commenting now as a guest.

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