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We proudly announce the brand New Version of the Improved AJAX Login & Register v.2.0. Many new features and changes for the better performance positioning this extension to a level, where component never was. We totally refactored the JavaScript code for the frontend, and switched to jQuery framework, while keep the code lightweight, for faster loading time. And also now additional fields can be place into the registration form with a very fancy Live Editor. Check the details below:

Just a little look-back to the past

The continuous developing is really define the Improved Login life-cycle. With every new version we would like to give some very attractive feature for the customers. As you know, the Improved Login started as a login extension with a very nice design and fast working method based on the AJAX technology. Before this there were no login module, what had such a nice design, and flexibility on Joomla Market.
After that some versions later the registration feature has been arrived. The registration form in the popup box was many users' dream, and we were happy to can make it true. From time to time the supported extensions list is always extend, and there were many changes under the hood in the level of coding.

Create your own form within' a few seconds

There were many requests on how to add additional fields to the user registration popup form. It can be very useful if you would like to store more information about the users such as address, or phone number. In the newer version of Joomla! there is an opportunity for that, but it is very limited. When we designed this registration-form manager, we keep the usability in the first place. We would like to create something, what is basically new and easy-to-use in the same time. We has been achieved to give freedom for the users to create their own forms, while they not lost in the many settings and options. Now nobody has limited to use the built-in forms, everyone can make their own one, fit to their and the website needs. It is perfect!

Register Live Editor
Live Editor of the Registration form

Using the Live Editor

This editor using the WYSIWYG method (What You See is What You Get) to make well-planned forms in seconds, because you see the result live. On the left you can see the usable form elements from the basic name, email, password fields to captcha and any custom fields. You just grab an element from the left and drop it to the center, what is the design area. Your form will be the same in the popup, as you can see it there. On the right, there is specific option for each input element. You can set the title, placeholder text, and much more. When you are ready just click on save, and check it on the frontend.

Refactoring under the hood

We totally redesign the JavaScript engine of the Improved Login. We have started from the basics, re-think the functions and replace it into totally Object-Oriented approach. It has serious advantage of code loading and code re-using, while the size decreases. We have also changed the framework from Dojo to the most common jQuery what brings the Login to better performance and smoother working. The AJAX input validation is now just 2X faster!

Future Plans

In the future we would like to release the version in with shorter periods. The new features will be:

  • Live Editor for Login and Profile Edit
  • Brand new Theme with new animations
  • More functionalities in the Editor View
  • and much more...

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Friday, 01 December 2023