How to manage search plugins for Universal AJAX Live Search?

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During the developement of Universal AJAX Live Search we tried to produce an extension, which has a wide range of usability and it isn't limited for a single webshop-engine.

That was the reason, why we implemented the search plugin management to the module.

Let's manage the plugins

1. step
Open the Extensions/Plugin Manager on the administration interface.

Then you will see all the plugins installed on your site.
2. step
Narrow the results to the search pugins.

After that you will see the search plugins. You can enable/disable/rename/order them. This is important because the Universal AJAX Live Search module will show the results in accordance with the settings.

(click on the pictures for larger size)

Here can you find a lot of search extensions search plugins
Improved Virtuemart search plugin

Check Universal AJAX Live Search in action!

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