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The Premium Theme packs in version 4 was a little bit limited, you were able to choose from pre-prepared color variations. We recognized the obstacles and made an awesome Theme Management System for the Accordion Menu.

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Instead of the complicated CSS editing, now you can change every piece of style from the module settings.

Check out how it works on our demo site

Management System for Elegant Theme Management System for Clean Theme

How to use the Theme Management System

First of all you need to have at least one of our Premium Theme pack to make this feature work. After you have installed the Premium Theme, you will be able to select the Theme on your Joomla backend module configurator and you can dig into styling.

Be careful, if you try to customize your theme you should set the "Theme caching" parameter to No. Because if you don't disable this parameters you won't see the change. Theme caching parameter is the last in the Module Parameters group. After you are done and your satisfied with your result you should set on the caching.


Color field
You can select the color easily in the browser. When you click on this field a colorpicker will popup. View in action
Gradient field
You can change the gradient in the theme, just select the two color with colorpicker and the gradient will show up. View in action
On/Off Settings
You can turn on/off a lot of properties. For example: box shadow, text shadow, rounded corners opend/closed images etc.
Value fields
You can set a value for some fields. For example: different font sizes, rounded corner radius etc.


First of all you need to buy one of the original Accordion Menu. Then you need to buy one of the Premium Theme.
Elegant Theme Promo Clean Theme Promo

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Friday, 22 April 2011

This is very good!!!

Jeffrey Fetters
Thursday, 02 June 2011

I first need to say that the support from these guys goes way beyond their product. I was working with Roland and he went the extra mile to help me out even though the problems were server related. These guys are top notch and the Accordian Menu for Joomla is awesome. I recommend these gentlemen very highly and again must praise their product support!

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