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As you can read and see in the How to install article, the Vertical Dropmenu is not only install a module, but more plugins, what are necessary for the perfect working, and for to give you the highest performance. In this article, we will write in details, what plugins are these, and what are these for.

Dojo Loader

As you probably know, the Vertical Dropmenu use the Dojo JavaScript Framework both on frontend and backend. This library is quite useful, because it is extremely fast and lightweight. The Dojo Loader plugin is compress the dojo library with the menu's JS class, and create a cached file in media/dojo/ folder. In this folder you can find always one subfolder for the current day. Files, what are not will be used anymore will deleted automatically, so you don't need to keep an eye of this plugin. As it was previously mention, this plugin has role in both part of the website, so keep this plugin always allowed.

Offlajn Params Plugin

As you can see in the module manager, there are many unique parameter what never ever seen in any other products. These are custom developed parameters by us, what need some common PHP class, what this plugin can be serve. This plugin has only effect in the admin area, you also need to keep it allowed to can edit our extensions properties.

Offlajn Joomla 3 Compatibility plugin

As the name said, this plugin has only effect in Joomla 3.x versions. This is also necessary to make the extensions work in all Joomla versions. Also keep it allowed.