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Improved AJAX Login & Register

Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3.x
$ 24
Perfect for individuals
1 site support license
3 months update
3 months support
10 % renewal discount
$ 29
Suitable for freelancers
5 site support license
6 months update
6 months support
20 % renewal discount
$ 79
For all size business
UNLIMITED site license
12 months update
12 months support
25 % renewal discount
The prices exclude TAX. If you already have an account, please login first.
Frequently asked questions

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments with Credit/Debit Card (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®), check, money order, purchase order or PayPal.

Which payment model does fit exactly for my needs?

The biggest difference between the bundles is the length of download, support and update period. In the light of this, please check the pricing table above.

What are the steps of the purchase?

After choosing and paying the bundle you will get an email with a download link. Be sure that our email is not in your spam folder. If you have any pre-purchase question just write us.

How can I download the purchased products?

After the successful purchase you will receive an e-mail with the download links. You can also get them from your Download Area at the top of the page.

Is it possible to upgrade for a bigger package?

Yes, if you have an active license. For example: you bought a Professional package and you would like to upgrade it to Business, then you don't have to pay the whole prices for the bigger package just the difference. In this case please send us a Support ticket.

My subscription/support period has ended, how can I use the renewal bonus?

After your subscription has ended, a renewal link will appear in your Download Area. Just click on it, and you will get the discount.

Can I resell your products?

No this is prohibited. Please take a look at our Terms of Use.

What TAX should I pay?

Our payment provider located in USA and will calculate the TAX based on your country. If you are EU company, you can use EU VAT number for 0% TAX.

Improved AJAX Login and Register

Improved AJAX Login and Register is a widely customizable extension which speeds up the login, registration, password reset and username reminder with AJAX technology. The product comes with social login possiblities like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live and LinkedIn. You can choose from 4 themes and more then 20 predefined skins or design your own one.

Improved AJAX Login and Register skins
Design Library - with more than 20 predefined skins

Build your own registration form with custom fields, hidden fields and other extension specific fields in the Live Editor. You can also synchronise the fileds from the default registration form with a single click.

Drag and drop form editor
Drag and drop form editor

Socail Login with Facebook / Google / Twitter / Microsoft / LinkedIn

No more registration required, just one click and your visitors can log in with their Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft account to your site. If you already have lots of users in joomla, they don't need to create new account, Improved AJAX Login and Register will auto-link people with same email address. The component includes tutorials help with configuration.

Google reCaptcha v2

reCaptcha v2 integration

Protect your site with Google ReCaptcha against automated scripts while making it easy-to-register on humans by checking a box. You can add it to registration, password reset and username reminder form.

Google reCaptcha v2

Built-in User menu

After a successful login you can display a stylish User menu with some quick links for your users. This dropdown menu can contain Joomla menu items and some default menu items like Edit Your Details, Show Cart and of course Logout.

With AJAX, web applications can send data to, and retrieve data from, a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

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